Jura One And All


Twenty years old, bottled at cask strength 51%, uncoloured and reasonably priced for a fairly rare expression, what’s not to like in this year’s limited edition from Jura distillery?

The new Jura One And All is a celebration of the community spirit among the 200 inhabitants of the island. The whisky is an assemblage from ex-bourbon casks, ex-sherry, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon casks, and Pinot Noir barriques.



Jura One And AllJura One and All 20yo
(51%, OB 2017)

Nose: quite complex. Nice fruitiness: kumquats and fragrant apricots, later some blackcurrant too. Lots of gingery notes, baked apple with cinnamon, vanilla and subtle whiffs of shoe polish. Heather honey. Something of old roses. Very well composed, and although it’s quite fragrant, it’s not too winey.

Mouth: sweet onset, on cherries, blackberries and slightly burnt chocolate cake. Then the oak comes rolling in, with pepper, clove, ginger and lots of liquorice notes. Heavily infused tea. Bitter almonds. Hints of tobacco and leather. It pushes the (dried) fruits to the background.

Finish: fairly long, though rather herbal with tobacco and some oak tannins.

This Jura has the aromatic richness you can expect from so many wine casks. On the palate this results in a bit too much wood altogether. Layered and very entertaining though. Around € 130. It will soon arrive in shops around the world (but not the US).

Score: 87/100