Laphroaig Four Oak

When I posted the news about Laphroaig Four Oak back in February, I was afraid it would end up being a vague compromise, a bit of everything and nothing in particular. Proof is in the pudding.

Four oak types: bourbon barrels, quarter casks, virgin American oak barrels and European oak hogsheads. Technically a travel retail exclusive, but also available in so many regular shops.



Laphroaig Four OakLaphroaig Four Oak
(40%, OB 2017, 1 litre)

Nose: medium peat, some wet gravel, a little green tea, hints of musty, spicy oak in the background. On top of this there is a citrusy side that’s half medicinal, half soapy. Youngish, light and a little disconnected, but not too bad so far.

Mouth: downright weak now, although it picks up strength in the middle. Some metallic notes, then medicinal peat, and somehow you feel the alcohol more than the actual flavours. Pepper. Ashes.

Finish: short, on sour oak juice and spices.

While the nose was rather okay, on the palate it becomes too much of a diluted oak juice / peppered vodka type of dram. Totally forgettable, so I suggest you spend a bit more and get a proper Laphroaig. Around € 45-75, depending where you look.

Score: 72/100