Cognac Pasquet Lot 62 (Malternative)

Cognac Pasquet Lot 62 (Malternative)

The third release from Malternative Belgium already. This time we’re looking at a Petite Champagne 1962 distillate from Domaine Jean-Luc Pasquet, bottled at cask strength 40,1% ABV.

It was selected from a set of three sister casks acquired by the domaine some time ago from the legacy of the Count Pierre de Joyet (as you may know, it is quite common for cognac houses to buy production from other producers and blend / sell it under their own name). It was an active cask kept in a chais humide, a humid cellar which leads to a rounder cognac. The other two were bottled for a group of American cognac lovers and for LMdW.

This is the youngest cognac bottled by Pieter so far (still well above his lower limit of 30 years) which means it’s more affordable this time. A generous 200 bottles are available.


Cognac Pasquet ‘Lot 62’ Petite Champagne (40,1%, Malternative Belgium 2020, 200 btl.)

Nose: this is the fourth or fifth time I’m trying it and it always blows me away. The fruitiness is amazing, with papaya, bergamot and pineapple cordial to the fore, then loads of honeydew, juicy cherries and dried apricots. Some mango chutney. Plenty of polished furniture, whiffs of etheral oils as well as tiny notes of menthol, parsley and thyme. A stunning nose.

Mouth: the fruitiness keeps going, now a tad thinner, with a bright acidity that makes it really vibrant. Passion fruit, loads of peaches, lime and pineapple. Bergamot again, as well as some mint and jasmine which add to the fresh appeal. Some herbal notes, candied ginger and a light leathery edge. Old exotic wood. Slightly fragile, sure, but it has a lot say and the wood is well controlled.

Finish: quite long, on resinous notes, herbal tea, mint and cinnamon.

Marvellous cognac again. Utterly drinkable, utterly fruity (like a Bowmore 1968) and the best of the three so far in terms of value for money. Around € 290, now available from the Malternative shop if you fancy one. A 3cl sample is also available.