Vallein-Tercinier 1967 (Wu Dram Clan)

Vallein-Tercinier 1967 (Wu Dram Clan)

I received a sample of this Vallein Tercinier 1967 bottled for the Wu Dram Clan a few days before I went on holidays in July. This explains why I’m late with the review…

A 53 year-old cognac deserves a review, whether or not it’s still available.


Vallein-Tercinier 53 yo 1967 Grande Champagne (47%, OB for Wu Dram Clan, Brut de Fût, 156 btl.)

Nose: a great profile with a lot of beeswax notes and paraffin, with a whiff of women’s powder. It reminds me of these Ben Nevis 1966 in a way. Then more apricots and mirabelles, hints of mango and tangerine. After a while it turns surprisingly rummy (Jamaican) with lots of tiny herbal and floral notes. Mint and wormwood too. Excellent.

Mouth: very minty start, with some rancio and oak tannins, followed by a wave of tropical fruits. Tangerines, pink grapefruit, lime peel. Heathery notes and the lightest touch of bitterness. Almonds. Fades on mentholated orange, verbena and pine sap.

Finish: quite long, on wood resin, herbal tea and plenty of mint.

This has all the tropical fruits you’d expect from an old Vallein-Tercinier, and a nice drinking strength, but also plenty of menthol and resinous wood. Very lively cognac for its age, an interesting profile. Originally around € 250 but as far as I can tell it’s sold out.