Irish Single Malt 1990 (Whisky Blues)

Irish Single Malt 1990 (Whisky Blues)

Yet another undisclosed Irish single malt whiskey. This was distilled in March 1990 (we rarely get the month, do we) and bottled by The Whisky Blues after 29 years in a single barrel.


Irish Single Malt 29 yo 1990 (49,3%, Whisky Blues 2019, barrel #593, 100 btl.)

Nose: quite green and waxy. Polished brass, also slightly funny rummy notes (Jamaican I would say). Green bananas with some industrial, metallic notes, you know. Mint and lovage. Not exactly what we were expecting, but interestingly different. Gingery notes and unripe pears as well. After a while there’s also passion fruits and oranges.

Mouth: much more tropical now. Mango, ripe bananas, pink grapefruits and maracuya. The usual indeed, but who can be against this? Fruity, with a nice acidity, a wee gingery note. Moving more towards zesty citrus and oak spice after a while (aniseed and pepper). Just a light hint of herbal tea.

Finish: quite long, slightly greener, with nice fruits but also a whiff of menthol and grassy oak.

It’s nice to see an outsider cask once in a while. The rummy notes work well on the nose and the palate shows all the tropical fruits we’re looking for. Good selection.