Teeling Blackpitts

Teeling Blackpitts

Teeling Blackpitts is a triple distilled peated single malt, making it an unconventional yet specifically Irish style. It is named after the old Blackpitts area behind the distillery in The Liberties neighbourhood of Dublin.

Each step of distillation lowers the phenol level, so they had to start with the highest ppm malt they could get (55 ppm, from Speyside). It turns out it was reduced more than expected (down to 15 ppm), but then again the peaty side slowly returned with ageing.

By ageing this in ex-bourbon and Sauternes sweet wine casks they wanted to highlight the fruitiness as well.

Update: check my review of five Teeling Blackpitts releases


Teeling Blackpitts (46%, OB 2020)

Nose: subtle peat, more like cold charcoal than burning fire, mixed with coconut and unripe pineapple, green apple, lemons and grape sweetness. A hint of leather. Eucalyptus notes and subtle salinity. Vanilla as well.

Mouth: bright fruitiness again, with more pineapple, as well as some yellow candy and apple pie. The peatiness is pretty thin and high-pitched, but bigger than on the nose. Closer to ashes or burnt herbs than to a real bonfire I would say. Some white pepper and salted caramel, as well as some lemon zest. Simple but very drinkable.

Finish: not too long, with spicy oak, wood ashes, pineapple sweetness and a very light mentholated edge.

It’s interesting to see the light character of triple distillation combined with relatively subtle peat. An interesting addition to the peated whisk(e)y scene. Blackpitts retails for around € 60, it’s already available from Master of Malt for instance but it will be rolled out to more than 70 countries.