Macduff 2007 (Poise & Perseverance)

Macduff 2007 (Poise & Perseverance)

The Bruichladdich 1990 in the Poise & Perseverance series (still don’t know who is behind this really) was quite an interesting dram so I decided to try another one from that series. A younger one, from a less sexy distillery perhaps: Macduff 2007.


Macduff 11 yo 2007 (48,3%, Poise & Perseverance 2019)

Nose: rather sweet and creamy. Pears, porridge, vanilla custard, fresh croissants. Maybe mashed bananas. Sweet lemons. A slightly floral edge as well. Not spectacular in any way.

Mouth: plenty of apple cake, pear dessert and hints of fruit eau-de-vie. Some vanilla and barley sugar. Golden syrup. Well-dosed wood spice. Fairly rich but again pretty middle-of-the-road.

Finish: medium, with gingery notes, vanilla cake and some clove.

This is blending whisky. I’m sure the sweetness and rich character are a great base to build upon, but on its own this lacks a bit of personality. Still in stock over at Master of Malt.