Eye Land Pork 1998 (The Whisky Jury)

Eye Land Pork 1998 (The Whisky Jury)

The 20th release from The Whisky Jury is Eye Land Pork 1998, which sounds a lot like that famous Orkney distillery in a funny dialect. Although it was only released a couple of weeks ago, it already bottled back in 2019.


Eye Land Pork 21 yo 1998 (48,3%, The Whisky Jury 2019, refill hogshead, 197 btl.)

Nose: vivid coastal notes, mixed with green apples, sweet lemon and a light honey sweetness. It also develops a slightly waxy note and hints of linseed oil. Hints of shortbread as well. Mint leaves and herbal ointments. There’s a very subtle earthy note and a slight smoky edge.

Mouth: a more prominent ashy / sooty side now, though still very elegant and integrated. No wham-bam impression. Subtle vanilla notes, citrus, an almost floral heathery note and more herbal elements. Green apple again. A delicate zesty / aspirin touch that works well with the saline, coastal side. Darker notes near the end, like mocha and cask char.

Finish: quite long, still ashy and citrusy, with subtle earthy peat, herbs and light chalky notes.

A layered, rather refined Highland Park, easy drinking but at the same time complex enough if you want to dig deeper. Great balance. Around € 180, now available from the usual retailers.