Lagavulin 11 Year Old Offerman Edition

Lagavulin 11 Year Old Offerman Edition

Lagavulin 11 Year Old ‘Offerman Edition’ was made in collaboration with actor Nick Offerman, who plays a notable Lagavulin fan named Ron Swanson in Parks & Recreation. Nick was also part of that conceptual Christmas ad with the incredibly well-written script.

Lagavulin 11 Years Offerman Edition was finished for four months in Guinness stout casks. If there’s one malt that can pull off a stout finish, it has to be Lagavulin.


Lagavulin 11 yo – Offerman Edition (46%, OB 2021, Guinness Cask finish, second edition)

Nose: an ashy start, with crushed peppercorns and hints of roasted coffee beans. Also seaweed, hints of pickled peppers and green olive brine, more youthful than the 12 and 16. Tarry herbs and something of a burnt pancake underneath.

Mouth: rich and tarry, with a caramel sweetness and earthy notes. Salty sea spray and oak char. Now more chocolate and sweet coffee flavour, lifted by a hint of smoked lemon. It’s rather close to the 12 Year Old now, albeit without the huge intensity and with some round Stout notes in the distance. Slightly bitter almonds, and still this raw olive brine edge.

Finish: medium length, on warm smoke, hints of gingerbread and lemon peel.

An interesting take on Lagavulin. The stout influence is subtle (good) and the power and youthful character are toned down by the standard ABV. It may not be a true classic, but it works perfectly as a nicely composed, enjoyable limited edition. Allotments for this second edition seem to be gone, but TWE is still offering samples if you like.