Bunnahabhain 2013 Oloroso (hand-filled)

Bunnahabhain 2013 Oloroso (hand-filled)

It’s great that Bunnahabhain is offering online purchases for its hand-filled distillery exclusives. It’s even more applaudable that they are usually bottling 70 cl but also 20 cl versions. It allows you to try more expressions (or older expressions) without breaking the bank. Today we’re having a 2013 vintage Oloroso hogshead.


Bunnahabhain 6 yo 2013 (60,2%, OB 2020, distillery exclusive, Oloroso hogshead #13)

Nose: quite thick, albeit with an alcoholic, heady note that reminds me of Brandy de Jerez. Blueberries, raisins and plummy notes. Then toffee and hazelnuts. There is a burnt edge in the background, as well as a hint of freshly sawn wood. Leather and orange peel too.

Mouth: spicy and intense, with a youngish character. Pepper, tangy cloves, alongside bitter oranges and rum raisins. Hints of cardamom and star anise. A drying, fresh wood influence again. Lots of caramel notes as it fades out.

Finish: long, slightly sharp and dry, on salted caramel, leather and wood spice.

A fairly average Bunnahabhain. The sherry cask was fairly clean and flavoursome, but overall the whisky can’t hide its youth and rough, alcoholic character. Sold out but you can order a series of other exclusives from their website.