Cognac Lot 69 ‘La Boutique’ (Malternative)

Cognac Lot 69 ‘La Boutique’ (Malternative)

Last weekend Malternative Belgium opened a cognac experience: a tasting room and cognac shop in Hasselt. For this occasion they released a new cognac bottling nicknamed La Boutique.

For the first time Pieter cannot disclose the producer, but the label does mention it is a well known house. We also know it is a Lot 69 made with grapes from Petite Champagne.


Cognac Lot 69 ‘La Boutique’ – Petite Champagne (45,2%, Malternative Belgium 2022, 148 btl.)

Nose: lots of apricots at first, then mango, juicy yellow plums, quinces and a truckload of fresh orange juice. The brightness of pink grapefruit as well. This is fruit juice! Really bright with heady hints of mint and white flowers. Light vanilla cake / biscuits after a while.

starts with plenty of floral notes again. Oranges stay strong, with tangerines, mirabelles and lime, but it makes a less fruity impression than the nose suggested. Later also clove and caraway seeds, menthol and hints of pinewood. Subtle hints of tobacco leaves and later also a hint of chocolate as it fades away.

Finish: quite long, on fruit tea, orange flowers and oak spice.

Utter freshness with lovely fruits on the nose and a bright rancio profile on the palate. Great selection again – congratulations on the boutique, Pieter! Available today from the Malternative webshop.