Cognac François Voyer Lot 28 / Lot 77 (Malternative Belgium)

Cognac François Voyer Lot 28 / Lot 77 (Malternative Belgium)

As you know, Malternative Belgium has a great series of cognac bottlings from François Voyer. In case you don’t remember, check the Lot 48 or Lot 71. Now there are two new releases in this series of “leftovers”.


Cognac François Voyer Lot 28 – Grande Champagne (41,0%, Malternative Belgium 2023, 42 btl.)

Nose: a warm profile, with plenty of honey-dipped peaches, subtle golden raisins, melons and herbs in old cupboards. Subtle notes of camphor and cigars. Tiny drops of lychee liqueur and whiffs of rose petals, mixed with spearmint. Very gentle and velvety.

Mouth: really fruity again. Orange peels and apricots. More lychee and rose jelly. Dried cranberries, mint, subtle liquorice, as well as some green tea. Then bright bergamot comes forward, with dried herbs such as star anise. Hints of chestnut honey and cigars in the end, getting drier and thinner.

Finish: not too long, but not woody either. Just a fine combination of fruits, mint, tobacco and herbal tea.

At this age we expect lots of tiny notes, properly integrated. This delivers exactly that. The only downside is the relatively low ABV, which makes it utterly drinkable but also lacking a bit of oomph. A great house and there are more of these ancient damejeannes coming up. Already sold out from Malternative Belgium but I haven’t checked partner shops.



Cognac François Voyer Lot 77 – Grande Champagne (48,7%, Malternative Belgium 2023, 214 btl.)

Cognac François Voyer Lot 77 - Malternative Nose: excellent brightness. Passion fruit, mango, juicy tangerine and hints of nectarine. Very tropical. Then minty freshness, fine leathery notes and subtle varnish. Light tobacco again, mixed with floral tones (rosewater). Perfect drops of camphor.

Mouth: nicely oily, and much more exuberant than the Lot 28 (not entirely surprising). Tropical fruits explode on the palate. Pink grapefruits, tangerines, bergamots, passion fruits and pineapples. Some sour wood appears in a later stage, but stays well within margins. Then aniseed and light pepper too.

Finish: long, very fruity, with added hints of leather, herbs and rancio.

So yes, an older spirit is not necessarily our favourite. The vibrance and sparkle of this Lot 77 is truly outstanding and it has exactly the tropical character that keeps impressing us. Overall it may not have the same complexity as the Lot 28, but boy, is this delicious! Now available from Malternative Belgium (and partners). Score: 91/100