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21 Jan 2010

Bruichladdich Links – St. Andrews

Posted by: Ruben Luyten In: Bruichladdich

Bruichladdich is known for its extensive range of bottlings. Links is a series of limited edition bottlings, launched in 2003 and chosen by Jim McEwan, celebrating Scotland’s two major passions: whisky and golf. All of the Links series have been bottled deliberately at 14 years, providing an interesting comparison of different cask types and finishes.

The first release in the Links series was this ‘Old Course – St. Andrews’, matured in Spanish Oak casks. Later releases are Augusta, Turnberry, Troon, Torrey Pines, K Club, Hoylake, Carnoustie… There’s also a miniature version that is included in some Bruichladdich 3×5 cl tasting packs.


Bruichladdich Links - Old Course St. Andrews Bruichladdich Links 14y
‘The Old Course, St. Andrews – 17th hole’ (46%, OB 2003, 1st release)

Nose: very fragrant. Interesting combination of sweet exotic fruit and a salty whiff of sea air. Peach, kumquat, apple candy. Passion fruit. Mango. Fruit syrup and orange marmalade. A touch of mint and a hint of smoke. Very good. Mouth: oily delivery. The fruit is more subdued now, but still candied with some orange peel and apple. More smoke. Rather short, but warm finish.

I was really impressed by the nose but the palate didn’t deliver in the same way. Overall nice balance. A few stores around the world still sell this one. Around € 35 (50 cl).

Score: 84/100

Bruichladdich Links – St. Andrews 3 Ruben Luyten 2010-01-21
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  • laurel

    You say a few stores still sell this product i was wondering if you could tell me which ones, as my husband is from scottland and loves this bottle. Your advice would be greatly appreciated

  • Ruben

    I’m afraid the full bottles are sold out by now (the review was written 1,5 year ago). You can still find a miniature (or similar bottles from the Links series) here:

  • howard trett

    “The Old Course, St Andrews – 17th Hole” has just appeared this week at the Duty Free in Kuala Lumpur International Airport! First bottle of any Bruichladdich I have seen in Duty Free’s since it disappeared from Bahrain DF some four years ago. Hope this is the start of a new trend to allow a more flexible access for expatriates to my favourite whiskey, ever since I visited the Distillery in 1974.

  • two-bit cowboy

    Most interesting, Howard, that you recently found it offered for sale. Today I received what is supposed to be the last case in the USA warehouse. It’s a 6-pack of 1-liter bottles, and the bottling stamp is 07/0207 09:58 20 SEP 07. Unlike the label on the bottle Ruben reviewed, these don’t say, “Aged 14 Years.”

  • two-bit cowboy

    I couldn’t stand it any longer. I checked all six bottles in the case. Three have the bottling stamps, all the same except the time: 09:56, 09:57, & 09:58. Three bottles don’t have the bottling stamp at all.

    I never paid attention to these things until a few years ago. When did the distilleries start putting the stamps on the bottles?

  • howard trett

    The plot thickens. I too have never noticed the date and time stamps before. My bottle is the same date, 20 Sept 2007, timed at 11:43. No “aged 14 years” either. The distributer is based in Kuching Malaysia. Possibly a lot more bottles may be lurking in warehouses in far off lands from a later release than that noted by Ruben.

  • two-bit cowboy

    I recently found it online at Lyndale Liquors in Minneapolis, MN. Most unusual, eh?

  • Ruben

    Seems like some kind of forgotten warehouse stock has been redistributed recently.

  • Carey Thompson

    I have a EMPTY tin for sale if your husband would like it for a collectors item.
    Carey 303 333-8112



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