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10 Jun 2010

GlenDronach single casks (batch 2)

Tasting notes by Ruben Luyten - Posted in * News

Quick news, related to the comments on the previous post…

GlenDronach single caskHere are some details about the second batch of GlenDronach single casks:

It’s good to see some sister casks and it would be very interesting to taste them side-by-side with the single cask releases of last year. In the meantime, have a look at the reviews of the first batch (2009) with the wonderful cask #719.

GlenDronach single casks (batch 2) Ruben Luyten 2010-06-10
  • Charlie

    Wow! That’s quick! Thank you Ruben. You the man!

  • MARS

    7 bottles! :-/
    It’s going to be very expensive for me!
    I hope they are as good as last year. Hope also the price is not going to go up also.
    The 1991 and 1989 sound exiting with a predo ximenez maturation.

    And they are going to release the batch 3 this year too?

  • Ruben

    From what I’ve heard, yes… although it seems a bit strange to me. I’m not sure people are going to buy expensive stuff so often. On the other hand, you don’t see the previous single casks in stores any more, so the demand is probably quite large.

  • MARS

    The 1971 is still available everywhere(including the cheapest place). But he is quite expensive and the reviews are not as good as they are for the 1972(incredibly good, I ordered a second bottle(at a very good price))
    But I didn’t try the 1971 yet!

    If the bottles in the third batch are younger ones, it’s not going a problem for sell all of them. On the basis that they are as good as the batch one!
    But if we see again some oldies, I have some serious doubts.

  • Johan

    Does one speak of “batch” when single cask malt is concerned?

  • MARS

    In this case, batch is the name given by glendronach for their release of single cask.

  • Joakim

    Somebody know about cask number, strength and number of bottles?

  • Stig

    17 year 1993 cask 529
    18 year 1991 cask 3182
    20 year 1989 cask 3315
    20 year 1990 cask 2621

    I dont have any data on the other 3 yet

  • MARS

    The 1972 must be cask 718. If it is this one, i tried it last sunday and it is pretty good(aromas well integrated, very fruity, some tannins(still)but it’s not a problem). The level of alcool must be under 50° I think(if not, alcool is really well integrated).
    Not as good as the cask 719 (for me). But also very different.


  • Valter Corneliusen

    Hi all

    Here is all the casks

    1971 cask 489
    1972 cask 718
    1978 cask 1040
    1989 cask 3315
    1990 cask 2621
    1991 cask 3182
    1993 cask 529

  • Ruben

    Thank you Valter.

  • MARS

    Available on royalmiles but it looks like the price is up from last year. It’s not a very good news! (as it was already very expensive)
    The price for the younger expression is correct!

  • MARS

    Here are the details. The 1971 and 1972 are good but way too much expensive(300€ to 450€ depending the shop)

    – Glendronach 26 fevrier 1993 17 ans Oloroso Sherry Butt n° 529 60.5%. 621 Botlles.
    – Glendronach 15 novembre 1991 18 ans Pedro Ximenex Sherry Puncheaon n° 43182 51.7% 633 Botlles.
    – Glendronach 20 juin 1990 20 ans Oloroso Sherry Butt n° 2621 48.8% 546 Botlles.
    – Glendronach 9 novembre 1989 20 ans Pedro Ximenez Sherry Puncheon n° 3315 53.2% 522 Botlles.
    – Glendronach 29 decembre 1978 31 ans Oloroso Sherry Puncheon n° 1040 51.2% 645 Botlles.
    – Glendronach 2 mars 1972 38 ans Oloroso Sherry Butt n° 718 51.5% 396 Botlles.
    – Glendronach 25 fevrier 1971 39 ans Oloroso Sherry Butt n° 489 48.8% 541 Botlles.

  • Valter Corneliusen


    Which shop takes 300€ for the 1971 ?


  • Ruben

    The 1971 is at least € 375.

  • Valter Corneliusen


    Thanks Ruben , yes i think you are right , just
    wondered since the previous post said from
    300 – 450€ 😉


  • MARS

    I said 1971 and 1972! 😉
    And I can get the 1971 at a better price than 375€(but more than 300€, sadly). In fact, the 1972 can be found cheaper than 300€(not much)!
    But I think it is way too expensive, I am going to wait a little to see if I can not get them cheaper.(or if they don’t make a promotion as last year)

    I ordered all the others already.

  • Charlie

    Ruben, the single casks batch 2 are out.
    Any chance you can review them? Thank you.

  • Charlie

    Aww, sold out pretty fast in many stores.

  • Peter De Decker

    I have a Glendronach tasting soon on 23/9.

    problem is that i didn’t get any chance to taste them. but have to make a choice between the vintages.
    93-91-90-89-78-72 and 71. the last two might be to expensive for the tasting and i preferr an PX and Oloroso.
    does anyone has a good suggestion.

    many thanks.

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  • Leon Zonneveld

    Due to some strange actions the distributor made in the Netherlands I just received a second load of the 2010 expressions. Maybe somebody who missed the expression he wants……………..

  • Kenneth

    Has anyone tasted the 1992 single cask from last year? It’s cask 401 I’m interested in.
    Jim Murray is quite amazed by it…

  • Stig

    Hi Kenneth

    It´s the Parker´s Exclusice Bottling, It is my favorit of the younger Glendronach Bottlings.
    It´s just perfect ballanced, sweet long sherry taste.
    I can only recomend this bottling, the other Parker´s Exclusive bottling is not so good

  • MARS

    The batch 3 start to be available.
    3X 20 years pedro ximenez, and a 14 & 18 years old olorosso

    Look like the batch 2 is still largely available

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