Ledaig 2005 (Whisky Mercenary)

Here is the latest release from The Whisky Mercenary, a Ledaig 2005. His most heavily peated selection so far.


Ledaig 2005 - The Whisky MercenaryLedaig 8 yo 2005
(51,3%, The Whisky Mercenary 2014)

Nose: big, sooty peat. Wet wool. Smoked sardines. A little tar and hints of petrol. A fierce peaty side, but it’s a sweet, buttery kind of peat, which makes it more rounded than some other Ledaigs. A hint of vanilla and pear, even white cherries and prune eau-de-vie.

Mouth: creamy mouthfeel, very sweet and very peaty. Pears and melons. Sugared lemon juice and sweetened Lapsang tea. Soot and ashes, but the sweetness is bigger. Candied ginger and sweet liquorice candy.

Finish: long, smoky, half sweet, half briny.

A nice Ledaig, surprisingly sweet and drinkable, even though it doesn’t compromise the intense peatiness. Around € 70, available in several Belgian / Dutch stores.

Score: 86/100