Whisky Blogger of the Year 2015 – vote

International Whisky Blogger of the Year 2015


I’ve heard that the International Whisky Competition nominated me for the Whisky Blogger of the Year 2015 award. I’m honoured to be in the top-25, and we may make it to the top-5 with your help!

It’s easy: just click the banner above. A pre-filled e-mail message will open. Click ‘send’ – that’s it. Thanks in advance for your kind support.

In case your browser blocks this link, just send an e-mail to vote@whiskycompetition.com and mention Ruben Luyten or WhiskyNotes.

By the way, five voters will receive a copy of the 2016 Whisky Guide afterwards.


Update 27/04/2015: we won! we won! A big thank you to everyone who supported me!