Dalmore Valour

Dalmore Valour is a true Dalmore: no age statement, low strength and a few tricks with casks. Like most of the new travel retail bottlings by the way, it’s not just a problem of Dalmore.

In this case, the trick is to mention ‘maturation in 30 years old Matusalem sherry casks’. Are the casks 30 years old, or does it refer to the fact that the sherry used to season the casks is 30 years old (on average)? While it may make the whisky look better, what really matters is that the whisky itself is much younger. The other trick was to blend it with whisky from ex-bourbon casks and use Port pipes for the finishing. A bit of everything for everyone.

It was first launched in Qatar, then in other travel retail shops, now you can occasionally find it in regular stores as well.



Dalmore ValourDalmore Valour
(40%, OB 2013, travel retail)

Nose: sweet Port influence. Caramel and toffee, blood oranges, plums and honey. A slightly dusty note as well. Buttery roundness. A little cardamom.

Mouth: very sweet, creamy and malty. Caramel. Remains quite neutral and vague before it goes towards a bitter earthiness, woody notes and the kind of roughness that you get in young grain whisky. All the elements don’t seem to work together.

Finish: okayish length, but mostly on bitter oranges and drying wood.

A rather dull whisky which I think you’d better avoid. Not a lot of depth and some disrupting flavours. Around € 60 for a litre bottle.

Score: 73/100