Danica whisky (Braunstein)

So, Danish whisky. Braunstein distillery, which started as a brewery, produces all kinds of spirits (gin, vodka, rum), including whisky since the early 2000s.

They started with a series of limited expressions in a Library Collection (usually two releases per year) and a Cask Edition series which holds one yearly cask strength expression.

Now they have a slightly wider range called Danica, with an unpeated and peated version. Like all of their whiskies, they are organic (although the certification is not complete yet because barrels from organic wood are so hard to get).

Like most young distilleries, they focus on first-fill bourbon barrels, but their warehouse also includes some sherry, cognac, Sauternes and virgin casks. Danica is matured in a mix of bourbon and sherry casks.



Danica whisky (Braunstein)Danica whisky – unpeated
(42%, Braunstein +/- 2015)

Nose: some rather dominant woody (white oak) aromas, with lots of vanilla, cinnamon and honey. Soft hints of bubblegum and a light hint of varnish / potpourri. Also fruity notes, banana and strawberry, plus hints of white chocolate.

Mouth: very sweet and peppery. Oranges, lemons, distant hints of dried mango. Vanilla cream again, before the spices take over entirely (pepper, ginger, nutmeg).

Finish: medium long, spicy, with plenty of grassy oak.

Not bad. Of course this is fairly young, and you can’t rush maturation, so it’s understandable to get quick flavours by using very active wood. Around € 80. Primarily found in Denmark and Sweden but also from Whiskysite.nl and others.

Score: 79/100