Port Charlotte 2002 (Malts of Scotland)

One of these samples of relatively new whiskies that I’ve had on my desk for too long, because I thought I new exactly what to expect from Port Charlotte 2002. Still a nice surprise.



Port Charlotte 2002 - Malts of ScotlandPort Charlotte 2002
(55,4%, Malts of Scotland 2015, bourbon barrel, ref. 15011, 238 btl.)

Nose: how nice, this is one of the farmiest, most Brora-inspired noses I’ve had lately. The same goat stables and greasy notes. Hay and ferns. Horse saddles. Then a nice move towards pipe tobacco. Underneath there are hints of yellow apples and vanilla. Quite lovely.

Mouth: deeply sooty again, less farmy notes but still a kind of fattiness. Dutch liquorice, lots of salty notes with a herbal, minty touch. No sharpness whatsoever, this is warm and pleasantly drinkable. Hot peppers. Fades on sweeter notes: pear and salted caramel.

Finish: long, still very warm and smooth, with a salty, tarry end.

A great Port Charlotte, deeply peated but also surprisingly rounded and balanced. Maybe not the most typical PC but you know I have a sweet spot for farmy notes and you don’t find them easily. Around € 140 and still available.

Score: 90/100