Springbank 1965 (Lombard)

Independent whisky bottler Lombard (Isle of Man) was established in the 1960s when the company began to lay down fillings at distilleries and hold, mature and bottle from its own stocks.

In fact the family has a history in the drinks business stretching back almost 300 years, owning vineyards in France, cork factories in Portugal and breweries in England. Their Jewels of Scotland series is one of their best known brands.

In our glass we have a Springbank 1965, bottled in 2002 from one of many sister casks bottled by this company since the 1990s.



springbank-1965-lombard-jewels-of-scotlandSpringbank 1965
(46%, Lombard ‘Jewels of Scotland’ 2002)

Nose: a refined nose, with beeswax, restrained tropical fruits and some dusty oak. Hints of banana and melon. Grated coconut, with some biscuity notes. Touches of shoe polish as well. Hints of ferns in the background. Slowly unfolding but a really nice dram to spend an evening with.

Mouth: not very big, but nicely rounded. Polished oak, some leathery notes and coconut again. Also a wonderful wave of jammy apricots, maybe guava. And always with a nice waxy coating. Light toasted oak, hints of cloves.

Finish: not long, half fruity, half spicy. Some smokiness as well.

Quite a delicate Springbank, with a gentle fruitiness that copes with the oaky touches. Not a stunner like other 1960s casks but still a very nice personlity. Around € 500 in auctions. Thanks, Gunther.

Score: 90/100