Highland Park Full Volume

After Highland Park Magnus, here’s another US exclusive from Highland Park.

It is composed of 481 first-fill bourbon casks, both barrels and hogsheads, all filled in 1999. Fully bourbon maturation is something that you rarely see in official releases but often from independent bottlers.

I think the association with guitars and amps is a little crazy, for me it works even less than all these dragons, Viking warriors and legends.




Highland Park Full VolumeHighland Park Full Volume 1999 (47,2%, OB 2017, first-fill bourbon)

Nose: barley notes and juicy citrus. A little unripe pineapple and kiwi. Orange juice. A whiff of vanilla, as well as some banana candy. A fresh floral note as well. Almost no peat smoke, just a hint of earthy oak underneath.

Mouth: sweet and fruity. Lemon candy, a little banana and mango. Citrus green tea. Then some creamier vanilla notes. More (heathery) smoke than on the nose. Light herbal and leathery touches towards the end.

Finish: medium long, with some dry, slightly tangy oak and bittersweet fruits.

Well, we tend to like all-bourbon bottlings from this distillery so it’s nice to see they embraced this style in official releases. Not very complex but very enjoyable. Around € 100 in the US.

Score: 86/100