Girvan 33 Years (Cadenhead)

Another Cask End bottle from Cadenhead’s that I could try thanks to some nice friends: single grain Girvan 33 Years.



Girvan 33 Years - Cadenhead Black LabelGirvan 33 yo 1979 (46%, Cadenhead 2013, bourbon barrel, 222 btl.)

Nose: typical solventy grain whisky, showing a little glue, coconuts and vanilla. Unripe banana, a little leather and white chocolate. Toffee apples. Whiffs of freshly sawn oak.

Mouth: less sweet than expected. Creamy white chocolate and vanilla but also quite some spices (white pepper pepper, liquorice). Hints of oatmeal cookies. Sweet citrus. Tinned pineapples and butterscotch.

Finish: not too long, but quite smooth. Hints of spicy oak.

A good grain, not overly sweet and not as vanilla-laden as some other examples. Originally around € 150. Maybe not worth that kind of money, regardless of the age. Thank you, Martin & Lieve.

Score: 84/100