Ledaig 1995 (Whisky Agency)

Ledaig 1995 (Whisky Agency)

We continue our exploration of the new Whisky Agency releases with this Ledaig 1995. It is very rare to come accross Tobermory spirit of this age nowadays, but old peated (?) whisky can be wonderful.  


Tobermory / Ledaig 25 yo 1995 (48,5%, The Whisky Agency 2020, hogshead, 282 btl.)

Nose: not peaty! There’s a mellow fruitiness of yellow plums, peaches as well as some sharper citrus, flints and coastal minerals. Also leathery notes and hessian cloth. A little eucalyptus. Ink and paraffin. Leafy notes and broken branches, with a subtle farmyard note in the background. A light dirty (or rather dusty) touch, as expected, but it suits this profile. Fairly gentle and slow to unfold.

Mouth: more of the coastal notes now, actually really salty, mixing with some fruity acidity (kiwi, lemon) and some herbal notes. Mint. Also chalky notes, wet wool, subtle aspirin and ginger. Becomes increasingly oily, with some dusty hints and waxed papers. Don’t expect the usual peat. Rather unique.

Finish: medium long, on malty and leafy notes, with a lingering coastal edge, a little green pepper and herbal tea.

This is not for beginners but I love how it unfolded itself, showing new elements with every sip. Too bad I only had ten sips or so – this is the kind of whisky I would happily spend an evening with. Unusual but I think it’s really beautiful and probably the most interesting pick from this batch. Around € 200.