Legent bourbon

Legent bourbon

Legent (pronounced lee-gent) is a fairly new Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey partially finished in California red wine and sherry casks.

Legent is marketed as a unique mix of three types of casks and a kind of fusion between bourbon and (Japanese) whisky traditions. It is a collaboration between Fred Noe (Jim Beam’s Master Distiller) who brought a historic recipe for bourbon to the table, and Shinji Fukuyo (Suntory’s Chief Blender) who created the final blend.


Legent Bourbon (47%, OB +/- 2020)

Nose: a nice mix of classic bourbon aromas (vanilla, butterscotch, popcorn sweetness) with a red fruit aroma, think cherries on syrup and plum jam. Vanilla waffles. Cinnamon. Minty freshness and eucalyptus, peppercorns. It also has a faint floral edge, not unlike a women’s hand cream.

Mouth: quite smooth for a bourbon and very minty. Brown sugar. Some eucalyptus and floral notes again. Plenty of plain oak as well, with a prominent charred / burnt note, perhaps a little too overpowering. Some red fruits in the background, but they are swallowed by the oak spice. Pepper and aniseed.

Finish: long, minty, peppery, with a grainy edge.

An interesting mix of styles. I found the added sherry influence really pleasant on the nose, but I was less convinced by the taste, which is heavy on the charred oak. Available from Master of Malt for instance. I found my sample in one of their Pour & Sip whisky subscription packs.