Black Friday 2021 (The Whisky Exchange)

Black Friday 2021 (The Whisky Exchange)

The Whisky Exchange is releasing the fifth edition of its Black Friday bottling. Like last year it’s a mystery 22 year old single malt, this time from a Speyside distillery.

No hints whatsoever and there’s not much else to tell you either. It’s a cask strength vatting of several casks but TWE doesn’t know which type(s). It is described as a riot of fruit with something darker hiding underneath.


Speyside Single Malt ‘Black Friday’ 22 yo (49,2%, The Whisky Exchange 2021, 1800 btl.)

Nose: a warm fruity side at first, with stewed peaches and plums, as well as poached pears and hints of banana pie. Fresh minty notes stand out. Then some brioche and cake, as well as dried grass and barley. Hints of sunflower and almond oils. Beeswax in the background. A natural beauty.

a rather fatty arrival, with more of these creamy fruits. Stewed pear and apple, preserved pineapple and a subtle hint of papaya. Gets leafy after a while, also showing hints of tripel beers, waxed papers and orange squash. Jaffa cakes too. Balanced baking spice and polished oak towards the finish, as well as grapefruit peel.

Finish: medium, with the same cake and leafy notes. A touch of latte before it fades on rather cognac-like hints of moist oak, making it seem a bit older than it is.

There’s beautiful fruit indeed, but also leafy, oaky and chocolate-y notes which means it’s not a fruit bomb. This is a natural, barley-driven whisky at a fair price. Available now from The Whisky Exchange.

In previous years it was sold out in an hour or so, but not this time… Brexit doesn’t help, and I must admit  I prefer TWE’s Christmas Malt 2021 so be sure to check it out as well.