Singleton of Glen Ord 15 Years (Special Release)

Singleton of Glen Ord 15 Years (Special Release)

Glen Ord was part of the Diageo Special Releases for the first time in 2019.

This Ord single malt rested in refill American and European oak casks initially. Afterwards it received an eight year finishing period in wine casks. No further information, but the tasting booklet mentions red wine aromas.


The Singleton of Glen Ord 15 yo ‘The Enchantress of the Ruby Solstice’ (54,2%, OB Special Releases 2022, wine cask finish)

Nose: the wine brings slightly funky red fruits to the table. Raspberries, red plums, as well as red apples. Then wood spice comes forward (cinnamon and black pepper), as well as a drier hint of leather and wet tobacco leaves. Some dried wildflowers as well.

Mouth: a bittersweet profile, with a clear winey side. Nutmeg and clove, with orange peels, apple peelings and a hint of oak char. Chestnuts. Mid-palate it becomes creamier, with a return of the candied red fruits or wine gums. Then herbal notes appear, with light tannins, a peppery tingle and some alcohol heat.

Finish: long, with more of that bitterness, alongside dark chocolate, wood spice and an earthy touch.

Despite my general suspicion towards red wine finishes, this is pleasant on the nose. On the palate the bitterness and winey side hits a bit too hard in my opinion. Complexity is good, but it doesn’t reach the same level of enjoyment as the 2019 edition. Check your local retailer, or have a look at The Whisky Exchange for instance. It also exists in 20 cl bottles.