Tamdhu Batch Strength #6

Tamdhu Batch Strength #6

This is the latest Tamdhu Batch Strength release as far as I know. It is a combination of first-fill and refill Oloroso sherry casks. I’ve also tried Batch 4, Batch 3 and Batch 1 in case you want to compare.


Tamdhu Batch Strength (56,8%, OB 2021, Batch #006)

Nose: it’s mostly the woody notes coming out, instead of the sherry, I’d say. Later we get chocolate notes, mocha and raisins, with some vanilla. A slight hint of Brandy de Jerez as well (kind of an alcoholic Oloroso note with a volatile component). Leafy notes and roasted nuts in the background. Chocolate comes out over time. Folds open nicely, it’s fairly modern but increasingly convincing.

Mouth: similar impressions really. Oranges and hints of berries, but it focuses more on roasted nuts, burnt sugary notes, black pepper and other savoury notes. Ginger chunks, nutmeg and clove. You really get the heavy oak char after a while. The alcohol is also quite present, but this can be tamed with a few drops of water. It also brings out chocolate notes and hints of mocha.

Finish: good length, with more chocolate and toasted oak.

A tasty whisky with a few harsh edges from the heavy oak char. High strength with a bit roughness – it feels a little pressure-cooked. Overall I still think this isn’t the best option in their core range. Available from TyndrumWhisky or The Whisky Exchange for instance.