Nc’Nean Huntress 2023: Woodland Candy

Nc’Nean Huntress 2023: Woodland Candy

Nc’Nean released its 2023 edition of Huntress not long ago. It continues the profile of last year, albeit with a slightly different recipe. As always with this farm distillery, it is a fully organic single malt whisky.

It is made from three spirit batches: their standard Anchor & Fermentis yeast but also the result of white wine and red wine yeast trials. In total 65% of the casks that went into Huntress 2023 were STR red wine casks and 35% classic ex-American whiskey casks.


Nc’Nean Huntress – Woodland Candy (48,5%, OB 2023, 4556 btl.)

Nose: a grainy core with biscuits and hints of buttered toast. Soft brioche leads to toffee and vanilla. Then some melons and light hints of forest berries – maybe the wine casks? Also herbal / minty touches and cinnamon, as well as light vegetal notes, maybe ferns.

Mouth: still this slightly bloated / buttery texture, with toffee sweetness and honey. Then some blackberry and grapes, in a vinous way. Caramelized banana. Plenty of grains, with a grassy side and drying herbal notes. A light coppery note and a hint of bitterness too.

Finish: medium length, with more herbal notes, a citrusy element and lightly bitter wood spice.

It is rather okay, but I have the impression it tries to hide its obvious youth in a way I’m not too fond of. Is it the yeast trials, is it the clear STR footprint? Not sure. Available from The Whisky Exchange or TyndrumWhisky for instance.