Signatory 100 Proof: Tullibardine, Blair Athol, Ardmore

Signatory 100 Proof: Tullibardine, Blair Athol, Ardmore

Independent bottler Signatory has a new range called Signatory Vintage 100 Proof Edition. It fills a gap in their portfolio where a higher ABV meets lower prices. A value-for-money range, if you like, without too much compromise on intensity.

The first few releases include a Tullibardine 2015, Blair Athol 2014 and Ardmore 2010. All three are available for around € 45-60, depending on the market, which is quite spectacular these days.


Tullibardine 8 yo 2015 (57,1%, Signatory Vintage ‘100 Proof Edition’ 2023, first fill Oloroso sherry butts, 2949 btl.)

Nose: maybe not perfectly clean, but the sulphuric edge is not too disturbing. A lot of nutty hints, with toffee and hints of wet earth. Then mixed red berries and a faint milky touch. Very light floral touches and some alcohol as well.

Mouth: a little hot again, with a youthful, slightly rough profile. Dark berries and raisins with chocolate, black peppercorns and some musty wood. The sulphuric edge (matchstick heads) is still there. Cinnamon, caramel and walnuts.

the length is good, but complexity drops now. Spicier and woodier.

The musty and slightly dirty sherry makes this less impressive in my opinion. A bit of a false start for me, but if you don’t mind, then the price will certainly make up for most of it.



Blair Athol 9 yo 2014 (57,1%, Signatory Vintage ‘100 Proof Edition’ 2023, first fill Oloroso sherry butts, 2680 btl.)

Blair Athol 2014 - Signatory 100 Proof Edition Nose: somewhat darker, adding coffee and a hint of cough syrup to the mix of toffee, chocolate and nuts. Cleaner though, with nice hints of blackberries and black cherries. Hints of leather and herbs too.

Mouth: very dark, on woody notes, bitter chocolate and more cough syrup. More coffee, alongside gingerbread and dark prune jam. Black peppercorns and plenty of herbal notes again. Reminds me of some of these pitch black Edradour casks.

Finish: quite long, with more mocha, a little oak char and dark chocolate.

Big flavours here, the sherry casks have clearly overpowered the spirit. I’m not sure I could empty a whole bottle without getting tired of it. On the other hand it is clean and offers a lot of intensity. Score: 85/100



Ardmore 13 yo 2010 (57,1%, Signatory Vintage ‘100 Proof Edition’ 2023, first fill Oloroso sherry butts, 2804 btl.)

Ardmore 2010 - Signatory 100 Proof Edition Nose: not as peaty as I suggested, with a slightly sour sherry influence. Berries, tobacco and leathery notes. Then some sawdust, lemons, green apple and dried Mediterranean herbs. Folds open nicely.

Mouth: sweet, ashy peat with nice medicinal notes. Then spearmint candy, aromatic pepper, drops of lime or orange juice. Complexity is lower than the nose suggested, but nonetheless convincing. Nutty notes and a faint rubbery edge towards the end.

Finish: quite long, on spicy peat, apple and herbal, leathery notes.

A nice Ardmore that displays more mature peat than I expected at this age. Interesting cask selection, very good value for money. Score: 87/100