Ben Nevis 1996 cask #912 (The Whisky Jury)

Ben Nevis 1996 cask #912 (The Whisky Jury)

Out of 40-something whisky bottlings so far from The Whisky Jury, 10 of them have been Ben Nevis 1995 or 1996. One of every four, that’s crazy… but we love it and hope there’s more to come. The latest release is cask #912 from 1996.

This bottle has a great back story. Joeri got it from the son of Dr. Sven Hultin, born in Northern Finland and passionate about sailing. Hultin purchased the cask in 1996 but he died in 2013. After many years, his descendants decided to sell the whisky and The Whisky Jury turned it into a nice tribute. Similar to his ‘RAF pilot’ bottling, but now featuring a photo of Dr. Hultin on the label.


Ben Nevis 27 yo 1996 ‘Dr. Hultin’ (48,8%, The Whisky Jury 2023, refill hogshead #912, 211 btl.)

Nose: does this really need tasting notes? It’s a fatty nose, with sunflower oil, guava and pineapple, as well as some greener fruits. Fragrant pink bananas, kiwi, lime and chalk. Increasing chalk in fact, with candle wax and chlorophyl. Over time it becomes warmer and waxier. Another perfectly all-round nose.

Mouth: sweet and fatty, as we like them. Guava, pineapple and maracuja syrup. Bananas again. Then green lemons, mint cordial and chalk. One of the sweeter examples of this vintage, although green tea and hints of grapefruit bring a nice balance. Really waxy. After a while passion fruit sherbet grows stronger. Tropical notes and mineral austerity: just lovely stuff.

Finish: long, with paraffin, more tropical fruits and lime, along with a subtle minerality.

Ben Nevis is a trademark element in The Whisky Jury’s reputation and this is another excellent example. In fact it’s one of my favourite casks so far, just excellent. Not sure whether you will find a bottle on the shelves somewhere, check the TWJ retailers.