Lost in Time: Glen Keith, Miltonduff, Glentauchers

Lost in Time: Glen Keith, Miltonduff, Glentauchers

Lost In Time is a special collaboration between The Whisky Exchange and Chivas Brothers (both part of the larger Pernod Ricard group). This collection contains single cask whiskies handpicked from different distilleries around Speyside.

The eight releases are between 20 and 33 years old, so they represent an era before the single malt of the early 2000s. There are well-known old distilleries like The Glenlivet as well as lesser known, younger names like Braeval.

Where to start, right? We’ve simply picked the youngest and oldest whisky, but let’s also include a personal favourite of mine, Glen Keith.


Glen Keith 31 yo 1992 (47,5%, OB ‘Lost in Time’ 2023, first fill barrel #29851, 168 btl.)

Nose: lovely fruit basket, starting modestly on lime, candied lemon and yellow apple. After a while this opens up to mango, pineapple and whiffs of papaya. Drops of acacia honey, along with vanilla biscuits. Then there’s a beautiful waxy side with hints of clay and spearmint.

Mouth: waxy citrus peels again, with creamy barley and lime syrup. Hints of banana and mango. Pink grapefruit as well. Hesitating between tropical fruits and green / tart fruits. Then candy sugar and growing toffee notes. Some rice pudding and honey, with an impeccable (toasted) barleyness.

Finish: medium to long, with some gummi bears, more waxy / chalky notes and hints of pine oil.

The typical bright fruitiness of Glen Keith shines through, but it’s matched to a nice waxy character and some toffee sweetness. Great start of the series, setting the bar high. Available from The Whisky Exchange.



Miltonduff 20 yo 2003 (49%, OB ‘Lost in Time’ 2023, first fill barrel #63397, 192 btl.)

Miltonduff 2003 - Lost in time - 31 Years

Nose: slightly drier and grassier. Wildflowers, hints of bay leaf and subtle liquorice. Dried apple and lemon peelings, rather than the fresh fruits. Mild oak, almonds and subtle leafy notes. Some dusty grains in the background.

Mouth: a green fruity sweetness, think stewed apples and lemon zest, as well as sugared grapefruit. Hints of white chocolate and vanilla biscuits. Then mint leaves and sweet grassy notes lead to a more zesty and herbal theme. Green tea, lemongrass and hints of aniseed. A touch of liquorice too.

Finish: quite long and zesty, with more grassy notes, marmalade and sweet ginger.

A very grown-up whisky which showcases what a good bourbon cask can achieve with time. It’s greener and more herbal than I expected, but it does offers above average complexity. Available from The Whisky Exchange. Score: 87/100



Glentauchers 33 yo 1990 (51,9%, OB ‘Lost in Time’ 2023, refill barrel #5218, 108 btl.)

Glentauchers 1990 - Lost In Time - Whisky Exchange

Nose: a subtle oiliness up front (sunflower), as well as dandelions, fresh breads and some hints of ale. The grains stand out. Lemon zests as well as apples / pears. Subtle hints of almonds (not quite marzipan) too. Subtle spearmint and beeswax in the distance. Not very exuberant but a very natural, inviting profile nonetheless.

Mouth: danse and oily, a nice combination of waxes and sour fruits. Green apple skins, brown sugar, pears, buttered toast, hints of melons and toffee. Then honey, a little ginger and white pepper, always with a malty core.

Finish: medium to long, on greener fruits, citrus zest and mild oak spice. Quite a sappy aftertaste.

This certainly shows the complexity you’d expect after so many years. A great nose! On the palate it shows lots of tiny notes, staying quite natural and perhaps lacking an overall distinctive element. One of these whiskies for which a 3 cl sample just isn’t enough. Available from The Whisky Exchange. Score: 89/100