Lagavulin Offerman Caribbean Rum (2024)

Lagavulin Offerman Caribbean Rum (2024)

Since 2019 Lagavulin is partnering with Nick Offerman to present limited editions. As you know, his character Ron Swanson was a Lagavulin lover. We reviewed the second edition (Guiness cask finish) a while ago. Now there’s a new (fourth) edition: Lagavulin 11 Years Caribbean Rum Finish.

The spirit matured for 11 years (bourbon + sherry casks) and then went into ex-Caribbean rum casks for (only) eight months.


Lagavulin Offerman Edition 11 yo – Caribbean Rum Cask Finish (46%, OB 2024)

Nose: rather maritime, with the classic bonfire smoke a little more subdued than in the classic 12 Years, I would say. There’s iodine, some pickled gherkin and lemon sourness, smoked oyster and orange peel. Then some vanilla roundness and cinnamon. I wouldn’t have guessed the rum, although there is a lightly sweet edge and perhaps a vague hint of coconut in the background.

Mouth: now the extra sweetness is more obvious, tempering the peaty character a little. Hints of molasses, charred pineapple, sweet lemon candy and vanilla. Black pepper. Then a mild hint of banana and coconut (it must have been fairly commercial rum) before it returns to coastal, medicinal smoke, salty brine, brown sugar and some toasted oak.

Finish: rather short, offering thin smoke, pepper and a hint of salt.

Decent Lagavulin, adding a bit of rum finish to a lower ABV version of the 12 Year Old. I’m not entirely convinced the banana and coconut element works well with the distillery’s campfire smoke. That said, I’ve definitely had rum finishes that were far worse. When taking the price into account, I would pick the 16 Year Old any time. Available from and a couple of retailers.