Waterford Cuvée Gaia / Killone 1.1

Waterford Cuvée Gaia / Killone 1.1

Waterford Organic Cuvée Gaia is assemblage of 6 casks from various single farm origins (including Killone, which we’ll have later). The spirit was distilled between September 2016 and April 2018. It contains four barley types: Taberna, Sebastian, Propino and Laureate.

You won’t be able to find Cuvée Gaia in Europe. It is part of an all-new trio of cuvées which supports the US expansion of the brand. They will be available on an ongoing basis.


Waterford Cuvée Gaia 4 yo (50%, OB 2023, 2592 btl.)

Nose: lots of pleasant barley notes, with a minty freshness and an impression of walking in a pine forest. Then new leather starts to come forward, like a new satchel – wine casks start talking now. Lemons, later also oranges and pears. Light honey and caramelized almond. Very fine floral touches as well.

Mouth: slightly grassy and pungent, somewhat immature perhaps. A nice, sweet and creamy texture though, with more malty notes, walnuts and hints of toffee fudge. Whiffs of white pepper, with pear and vanilla in the background. Later some banana as well, but there’s a slight lack of fruitiness in my opinion, overtaken by caramelized malty notes.

Finish: medium long, with vanilla, oak spice and gooseberries. And loads of malty notes of course.

Really similar to Gaia 1.1, showing the same big maltiness and a firm spicy side. A good all-round introduction to Waterford and the quality it achieves at a young age. It’s not the first time that Waterford whisky reminds me of Bruichladdich at some point.


The next one is a milestone for the distillery. Waterford Killone Edition 1.1 is the first organic single farmer whisky. This is Planet barley from a wide variety of cask types, including Château Latour, Château Léoville, Port casks, virgin oak and Heaven Hill first fills. This was bottled exclusively for Waterford’s Growers Gathering, so this will be almost impossible to find as well (although some bottles popped up in auctions).


Waterford Killone Edition 1.1 4 yo 2018 (50%, OB for Growers Gathering 2023, 600 btl.)

Waterford Killone Nose: lighter, with hints of rosemary and eucalyptus on top of salty dough. Juniper. Then rhubarb and sour plums. More austere (plenty of dusty hay) and more mineral than Gaia. I have the impression the wine casks are less prominent here as well. Some fruit sweetness shines through after a while.

Mouth: a nice balance of fruity sweetness (nectarines, berries), with bright grapefruit and grassy notes. More minty notes and a bright zesty edge. Honey, some gin-like herbal elements and hints of milk chocolate appear towards the end.

Finish: good length, with a firm spicy note alongside lemon peel and herbal freshness.

Bright and fresh. I have the feeling more spirit character is coming through here. Nice to see a few mineral notes and fruits as well. Score: 86/100