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23 Oct 2009

Mannochmore 1990 18 years old

Tasting notes by Ruben Luyten - Posted in Mannochmore

It’s always nice to see releases from distilleries that are rarely bottled as a single malt. There were no official Mannochmore releases since 1997 (Manager’s Dram 18yo).

This Mannochmore 18yo 1990/2009 is a mix of re-charred sherry casks (European oak), re-charred bourbon casks and new American oak casks that were seasoned with sherry. Unusual scenario which makes me very curious.


Mannochmore 18 years Mannochmore 18 yo 1990 
(54,9%, OB 2009, 2604 btl.)

Nose: very expressive with sweet sherry notes, fruit gums and tons of vanilla. Very warm and highly sensual. Fruit cake with candied orange bits. Raspberries. Hints of nougat and tobacco. Just enough oak polish. A whole range of spices and mint. Very complex, lots of different elements, but they join up perfectly. Mouth: smooth with dried fruits again and added nutty flavours. Apricots. Toffee. Toast with orange marmalade. The spices are still here: pepper, ginger, cinnamon. Quite herbal after a while. Finish: quite long. Spicy with some drying oak. Wonderful chocolate.

This Mannochmore 18yo made my day. Very attractive with big spicy notes and subtle sherry. The insider’s choice of this year’s special releases. I’m buying. Around € 100.

Score: 90/100

Mannochmore 1990 18 years old 4 Ruben Luyten 2009-10-23
  • Charlie

    Sounds like a more powerful Talisker?

  • Jeff H.

    Great notes Ruben. I agree that this is a great dram (what a nose on this one!), and I’d love to buy a bottle. I just wish it was about 20% less expensive. Plus, they’re not making it available in the U.S.

  • Ruben

    Charlie, what makes you say that? The spicy pepper maybe? There’s no smoke or peat in this Mannochmore and it’s a lot more fruity than a regular Talisker. It’s quite different.

  • Ruben

    Jeff, don’t just look at the age to say it’s overpriced. This is a special bottling in many respects. It’s cask-strength, very high quality and really limited (even more so than Brora 30yo). I could give you tons of malts that are older and more expensive but only half as good. At 20% less, I would have bought a whole case.

  • Charlie

    I see. No smoke nor peat and that’s definitely not Taliker.

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  • René aka I_SPEY

    Ruben, first thing I would like to say is that your blog is perfect and hope, you can continue it for many more years.
    And yes, with your help(tasting reviews) I bought a Mannochmore 18yo and it’s a stunning one. Thanks to you.

    Again, thanks for your review and my bottle!!

    Please, go on with your reviews.



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