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31 Jan 2011

GlenDronach Octarine

Tasting notes by Ruben Luyten - Posted in GlenDronach

This limited edition GlenDronach Octarine (“the colour of magic”) was developed in May 2010, exclusively for the Carrefour supermarkets in France. As often with these “exclusive” releases, they turned up in other stores afterwards.

It is a vatting of bourbon and sherry casks, said to be 8 years old although there’s no age statement on the label.


GlenDronach OctarineGlenDronach Octarine (46%, OB 2010)

Nose: starts on marzipan / walnuts with some citrus notes and apricot compote, but quickly loses a lot of its freshness and moves to roasted almonds and old roses. Interesting smokiness which seems to mute the fruits. Some milk chocolate. A little mineral as well (limestone). Mouth: starts a little shy, with mixed fruits (apple, orange) and evolving to big notes of butter toffee and caramel. Some vanilla. Overall quite coating, with a creamy chocolate body. Finish: quite long, drying with more chocolate.

This Octarine is quite different from what we see in the core range or the GlenDronach single casks.
I may not be the biggest fan, but in this price range it’s very authentic. Around € 30 in France. Around
€ 40 if you manage to find a bottle in other countries.

Score: 81/100

GlenDronach Octarine 2.5 Ruben Luyten 2011-01-31
  • nulty

    Never saw that in my Carrefour …
    I’ll keep my eyes open :)

    Thanks for the “news”.

  • MARS

    I will get 2 bottles sunday! Hope to have the time to try it next week.
    It seems that it’s not available everywhere in france. But it can be lower than 30€.

  • MARS

    Forget to post my notes. Tryed this one 2 weeks ago.
    A very nice glendronach but at the opening, me and a friend found the whisky a little bit too agressive in the mouth(alcool is not well integrated). Exept this point, I agree with your coments.

    We mixed the rest of the bottle with +-7Cl of 1978/2010 single cask. It improve a lot the taste but the finish is a little bit short. The intergation of the alcool is much better(perfect for me).
    Impossible to know how it evolve once the bottle is open, so. (i still have one bottle, but it’s for my collection)

    It’s a nice whisky, but I prefer the 12 years old 43°.(who is at the same price)

  • Ruben

    Thanks for your comment Mars.

  • Gal (whisky Israel)

    Had the pleasure of sampling this yesterday.
    It’s a lovely dram, and good for it’s price.

    will post my notes with a lot of other ‘dronachs next week


  • Matt

    Generally I agree with the notes, I would just add that one can feel very likely that it is bit too youngish whisky, with some flavour nervousness and metallic tones in the aftertaste. But not bad and in Poland I had it for 88 zloties (ca. 21,5 EUR).



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