Glenmorangie Duthac

Glenmorangie Duthac is the first release in the Travel Retail Legends collection, which will be expanded over the next two years. Each expression will honour a local Highland legend – Saint Duthac is the patron of Tain, the hometown of the distillery.



At its base is bourbon barrel matured spirit, married with Pedro Ximénez finished whisky and some charred virgin oak casks (which seems to be a recurring theme in some of their latest releases). For a Glenmorangie, there was very little fuss about it – it was just there on the shelves of international airports. Maybe not a good sign?



Glenmorangie DuthacGlenmorangie The Duthac
(43%, OB 2015, PX + Virgin oak)

Nose: fresh and rather light sherry nose, with lots of red berries, juicy pear and golden raisins. Plenty of oranges, maybe tangerine. Vanilla cake with a pinch of cinnamon. Honey and almonds, with some dark chocolate in the background.

Mouth: again fairly light, starting mostly on raspberries, apricots and oranges, before moving to spicy notes (a lot of ginger, pepper, hints of ginseng). A noticeable hint of toasted oak or burnt caramel in the back, bringing some bitterness. Also a funnily fragrant element (in between lavender and orange blossom water, I’d say).

Finish: not too long, a bit harsh, on toast, bitter orange and gingery honey.

Glenmorangie Duthac is light and uncomplicated with some very pleasant sides but also a few “meh” moments. Around € 85 which seems expensive for a youngish, light dram.

Score: 82/100