Irish single malt 1991 (Whisky Agency)

A couple of weeks ago, I was at a wonderful tasting in Germany where I could try this new Irish whiskey from the already famous batch of 1991 casks.

The label says it was selected by Master Taster F. Thomas (remember this one?) and bottled for Komplex Whisky in Sweden.



Ireland 1991 - The Whisky Agency - Komplex WhiskyIreland 24 yo 1991 (50,6%, The Whisky Agency for Komplex Whisky 2015, 157 btl.)

Nose: classic peaches, mango, pineapple and green banana. Never getting tired of this. While it’s very aromatic, it seems to have a bigger mineral side, with more waxy notes as well. A little mint. Maybe buxus and some ‘green’ smoke. After a while I get nice hints of marshmallows.

Mouth: on the nose I didn’t mention peaty notes but now the light peatiness is clear, although still very mild. Some ashes and salted fish, mentholated notes as well as the usual fruity notes (passion fruits, mango, citrus). Vanilla custard. Citrus green tea.

Finish: medium long, on almonds and fruits. Very moreish.

Compared to the other 1991’s, this is one of the more complex komplex ones. That means mild peat as well as mild fruits, but lots of tiny nuances. Damn good. I understand this was a private bottling, so I don’t know about the price or availability. Thank you, Johan!

Score: 90/100