Glenfarclas 105 (2019)

Glenfarclas 105 was one of my all-time favourite daily drams ten years ago. I was still living in Spain back then and I remember bringing it home several times. It had plenty of oomph, rich and dark sherry flavours and an unbeatable price.

Of course this is 2020. We’re now paying around € 60 instead of € 40 and the colour already indicates that there’s less sherry maturation involved. Not sure what to expect.



Glenfarclas 105Glenfarclas 105
(60%, OB +/- 2019)

Nose: actually, where is the sherry? It’s spicy and slightly plankish, with lots of malty notes, shortbread, nutmeg and white pepper. Toffee and poached pears. Lemons and oranges. Slightly sherried, but no longer a sherry bomb.

Mouth: an oily texture but again quite woody, with plenty of black pepper and oaky dryness. Cinnamon and nutmeg. Nutty notes, mocha, orange peel, some golden raisins. Hints of brandy as well (you know, alcohol and wood). Too much cask, too little sherry, and power alone can’t fix it.

Finish: quite long, with cinnamon and other wood spices coming through. Hints of toffee and dried apricots in the background.

It seems the amount of sherry fluctuates with different batches, but in any case I find it less mature and more aggressive than before. The ABV has even turned against it, I would say. Simply not the sherry bomb I fell in love with. Discuss…? Available pretty much everywhere. Check TWE or MoM for instance.

Score: 80/100