Japanese Blended Whisky Batch #2 (TBWC)

Japanese Blended Whisky Batch #2 (TBWC)

That Boutique-y Whisky Company has this concept of a Blended Japanese Whisky. There has been a first batch in 2017 and later in 2018 they released Batch #2 with the same age, 21 Years Old. According to Whiskybase there are six batches already.

There are some rumours about the provenance, pointing out similarities to Taketsuru 21 Years and the fact that the Japanese writing on the label sounds similar, but I couldn’t find any official information.


Blended Japanese Whisky #1 21 yo (47,7%, That Boutique-y Whisky Company 2019, 1799 btl.)

Nose: quite grainy and biscuity at first, then becoming darker and quite toasty. Burnt vanilla pastry, a little coconut and caramel. Mocha. Some exotic wood and ginger. Earthy touches. Minty notes as well.

Mouth: fairly dry, with herbal tea and more mint, as well as some tobacco leaves and oaky touches. Light nutty notes (chestnuts) and hints of leather. A little oak char. Caramel, a little honey. Pepper. You get the grainy character but it’s never harsh or dominant.

Finish: medium length, on nutmeg, roasted hazelnuts and light herbs.

For a blend this is really well put together, avoiding the usual pitfalls of sweet vanilla and ‘quick’ wood. In today’s crazy market you could even argue it is reasonable value for a 21 year-old Japanese whisky (even for a blend). Good, but for me it’s too expensive for what it offers. Still available from Master of Malt.