Williamson 2010 (The Whisky Jury)

Williamson 2010 (The Whisky Jury)

Elizabeth “Bessie” Williamson, female distillery manager on Islay a long time ago. You know which distillery, I’m sure. For those who don’t, the label also says (Lp).

Theoretically this new Williamson 2010 bottled by The Whisky Jury contains a teaspoon of whatever, making it a blended malt whisky. Two sister casks were released at the same time, one being a common release, the other exclusive to retailer Wine4You.


Williamson (Lp) 2010 (52,2%, The Whisky Jury 2020, refill barrel, 230 btl.)

Nose: plenty of warm smoky notes with the typical mercurochrome and bandages. Tarry ropes and seaweed. Sweet apples and a hint of vanilla biscuit in the background. Leather saddle, as well as some farmy notes (stables). A subtle whiff of oil paint as well.

quite oily and full of character. More iodine, seaweed, smoked kippers and brine. It gets rounder with hints of almonds and sesame. Sooty notes with a touch of cough syrup. Brine and tapenade.

Finish: long, coming back to the drier leathery notes, with liquorice and brine in the very end, as well as some smoldering peat.

Excellent Laffie, deeply smoky and coastal, with a nice farmy touch. Bottled at a good moment, showing plenty of intensity but no ‘disturbing’ youth. Slightly more unique than the sister cask, I’d say. Around € 80, check The Whisky Jury for retailers.


And now the sister cask…

Williamson (Lp) 2010 (53,1%, The Whisky Jury for Wine4You 2020, refill barrel, 225 btl.)

Nose: very similar, clearly sisters. I’d say there is an extra touch of fresh pencil shavings, as well as a light lactic note. It’s just a little cleaner, more towards citric fruits with less of the biscuity undertone. A nice hint of mezcal, which underlines the more straightforward smokiness.

again difficult to set apart. Here as well I get a slightly raw hint of mezcal, which mixes nicely with the coastal and medicinal side. Sweet grains. Smoked lemons. Warm peat and ashes. More leathery notes and a lightly bitter, herbal edge this time.

Finish: quite long, probably more intensely smoky and pure than the other cask, which also means less complex.

Again: very good spirit, bottled at an interesting point in time. Slightly more medicinal and focused perhaps, but no farmy touches. Around € 80, exclusively from Wine4You.

Score: 87/100