Linkwood 31 Years ‘Lady Macduff’ (Livingstone)

Linkwood 31 Years ‘Lady Macduff’ (Livingstone)

A few weeks ago, while going through the first act of the Macbeth Collection from Livingstone Rare, people asked me why the Linkwood 31 Year Old wasn’t included. I honestly don’t know, it simply wasn’t in the package. However Livingstone’s Lexi Burgess got in touch and kindly sent it to me.

This Linkwood represents Lady Macduff in the play, one of twelve noble malts that portray The Thans. It comes from refill bourbon barrels. Several people including Lexi and Elixir Distiller’s Oliver Chilton call it their favourite expression from Act One.


Linkwood 31 yo ‘Lady Macduff’ (48,2%, Livingstone / Elixir Distillers 2023, Macbeth – The Thanes, 4 refill bourbon barrels, 650 btl.)

Nose: highly aromatic, with plenty of fruits bursting out of the glass. A lot of lemon balm, apricots and nectarines. Then white grapes and pineapples, juicy pears and hints of honeysuckle. Floral laundry appears, alongside vanilla cake and a little spearmint. Lovely waxy notes and a subtle chalky touch too. Imagine some of the juiciest, fruitiest white wines you tried – this is the whisky equivalent.

Mouth: still very fruity. Gooseberries, whitecurrants, melons and crisp apples à volonté. Herbal notes and a lovely eucalyptus theme runs throughout, with more pollen and waxy notes. Lemon tarts with Diplomat cream. Then subtle hints of rose petals and potpourri, as well as some honey and herbal tea. It is very aromatic, without any astringency from the wood.

Finish: long, beautifully minty. Still fresh, lemony and fruity.

Impressive Linkwood, profoundly fruity and elegantly fragrant. Definitely one of the best from this distillery in my book, although the Linkwood 1973 for TWE’s 10th Anniversary is etched in my memory too. In any case, a highlight in the Macbeth Collection so far.

If you’re in the UK, then you can get it from Livingstone Rare. For international deliveries, check The Whisky Exchange.