Noah’s Mill

Noah’s Mill is a Kentucky bourbon whiskey, highly sought after and difficult to get, especially when you’re not in US. For many years it was bottled as a 15 Year Old, but today it is said to be a mix of whiskey between 4 and 20 years old.

It is produced in small batches (less than 20 barrels each time) by Kentucky Bourbon Distillers, which is now operating a proper distillery but acted as an independent bottler until recently. It has been suggested that at least some of their products (Johnny Drum, Willett, Michter’s and others) are distilled by the Heaven Hill distillery.



Noah's Mill - bourbonNoah’s Mill
(57,15%, OB 2010, Batch n°10-57)

Nose: smooth and balanced, with warm oak, toffee, caramelized almonds and fruity notes (dried apricot, hints of cherries). Dried banana bits. Oak char. A bit of maple sweetness. Some spicy rye notes too. It stays away from abundant vanilla or leathery notes, which makes it seem more complex than some other bourbons.

Mouth: initially quite fruity again (dates and raisins), with toffee and roasted nuts. After that, much more spicy notes, peppery heat and big toasted oak. Fairly woody – not as complex and enjoyable as the nose.

Finish: long, warm and spicy with hints of charred oak.

Noah’s Mill is nicely different, with more oaky / spicy notes than in some of the well-known bourbons. Somewhere in between rye and bourbon, I’d say. Around € 50 if you can find it.

Score: 85/100