Orkney Malt 2000 (Eiling Lim)

Independent bottler Eiling Lim has a new Zen series which has a very minimal label design with a picture of cut wood, showing its rings.

While officially an unnamed Orkney Malt 2000, there’s a good indication we’re dealing with the viking distillery, if you know what I mean.



Orkney Malt 2000 - Eiling Lim ZenOrkney Malt 17 yo 2000
(51,8%, Eiling Lim ‘Zen label’ 2017, 96 btl.)

Nose: great style. Chalk and other mineral notes, some greasy hints as well as some leatherette. Sea spray and beach sand. Candy apples and a nice jammy touch of yellow plums in the background. Light grassy, even floral notes. Orange bitters too.

Mouth: waxy texture, and sweeter now. More smoky as well. Oranges are back (including the bitter skin), with green bananas, floral honey, then some brine and chalk again. Resinous notes. Ginger, caraway seeds.

Finish: quite long, waxy and coastal, with citrus zest and herbs.

There’s a certain muscular austerity to this Highland Park, akin to Springbank in a way, but there’s still enough fruit and spice to keep it balanced. Well made, well selected. Around € 120 a bottle from Eiling Lim direct.

Score: 87/100