Tomatin 1990 (The Whisky Agency)

Tomatin 1990 (The Whisky Agency)

Another release from the Winter 2020 series from The Whisky Agency: Tomatin 1990, after 30 years of ageing in a hogshead.

The unofficial name of the series is Keep going, as each label contains a curious, busy character with some kind of briefcase, going up and down but never stopping for obstacles.


Tomatin 30 yo 1990 (48,9%, The Whisky Agency 2020, hogshead, 180 btl.)

Nose: a really fruity profile, lots of bananas, pears, oranges and greengages. Some vanilla and honey. Faint hints of polished oak, as well as whiffs of menthol. There’s often a wee grassy / green side to Tomatin whiskies but here this is almost not detectable. Simply very pleasant.

Mouth: a juicy fruit salad again. Oranges and (green) bananas again, but now also hints of guava and passion fruits. Some lime and grapefruit. Very bright. In a second wave I get more floral honey and soft caramelized almonds. Still very little (minty) oak.

Finish: medium, with more fruits, citrus zest, a hint of caraway seed and finally also a touch of oak.

Utterly fruity Tomatin. I must admit that after the myriad of 1976 masterpieces around 2010-2012 we had lost interest in this distillery a little, but this is very beautiful and harmonious, recommended. Around € 415.