Lindores ‘The Casks of Lindores’ (Bourbon)

Lindores ‘The Casks of Lindores’ (Bourbon)

The Casks of Lindores forms a series of three limited edition whiskies from Lindores Abbey. I believe all of them are 3 years old, but they focus on a different type of cask essential to the house style of the distillery.

There’s this bourbon cask version as the first expression in this series. The STR wine version arrived almost simultaneously. The final Oloroso sherry cask version has been released just now. All three come together in the MCDXCIV first release for instance.


Lindores ‘The Casks of Lindores’ – Bourbon (49,4%, OB 2021, 11.000 btl.)

Nose: good spirit in a good cask. It gives you very drinkable but also predictable whisky. There is malt, sourdough bread, apples, lemon cheesecake and a hint of white pepper. Maybe a little fresh pineapple too. Vanilla is not overdone. Some grassy notes in the background.

Mouth: quite creamy but with an onset that is softer than expected. More citrus freshness (tangerines appear), yellow fruits, vanilla and plenty of biscuity notes. Bready notes. Then hints of bitter ale. You still feel the spirity character – I think the balance between the cask and the spirit can be improved.

Finish: not too long, rather grainy with lingering orchard fruits.

On the one hand I think this whisky deserved more active wood, to take away some of the spirity edges. On the other hand I understand why they’d want to have the spirit in the spotlight. In conclusion there’s room for improvement but it’s a decent, easy drinking youngster. Available from Abbey Whisky for instance (with a price drop) or on this side of the channel.