Aultmore 2007 / Mannochmore 2008 (Whisky Agency)

Aultmore 2007 / Mannochmore 2008 (Whisky Agency)

Two casks from the latest batch of Whisky Agency releases. Somehow they ended up in the back of my sample boxes but it’s never too late. The first release is a 14 year old Aultmore matured in a Fino sherry butt, the other a similarly aged Mannochmore.


Aultmore 14 yo 2007 (52,7%, The Whisky Agency 2022, refill Fino sherry butt, 239 btl.)

Nose: very fresh, with lots of green apples, juicy lemons and a hint of greengages. There’s a soft oiliness (sunflower oil), as well as gristy notes and whiffs of wax candles. Also a very subtle note that keeps the middle between floral and coastal. Prefect brightness.

Mouth: a similar mix of gristy and grainy notes with some lemon balm, verbena and unripe, green fruits. Lime (blossom). A very light saline touch again, with a peppery edge too. Very chisseled with a restrained cask influence.

Finish: medium long, becoming zesty and slightly chalky.

A distillate-driven Aultmore. A really bright and fresh look upon the spirit, which is nice as most of the independent bottlers seem to focus on darker Oloroso bottlings. A bit expensive though, given the limited complexity. Still available in a few shops like



Mannochmore 13 yo 2008 (53,6%, The Whisky Agency 2022, bourbon barrel, 203 btl.)

Mannochmore 2008 (Whisky Agency)Nose: equally fresh but with a riper fruitiness to it. There’s peach and ripe apples, with a nice waxy fattiness. Paraffin and lemon balm. A light mentholated edge as well as some honey.

Mouth: the same mix of sweet fruit cocktail with a waxy / creamy side and minty oak. Mango and lemon, with lime and a subtle chalky note. Then a little vanilla and oak spice, with light menthol and a hint of coconut. The bourbon cask had more to say here, but I’m sure it also enriched the fruity core.

Finish: quite long, with more of this fruity creaminess alongside gingery oak.

Very pleasant Mannochmore, with a glorious waxy texture and nice fruits. You can sense the bourbon in the background but I don’t mind. I would recommend this one, but I’m afraid it’s sold out. Score: 89/100