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03 Sep 2013

Diageo Special Releases 2013

Tasting notes by Ruben Luyten - Posted in * News

After some unofficial sources, we now have official information about the Diageo Special Releases 2013:


Diageo Special releases 2013


Brora 35 year old
From Refill American Oak and European Oak casks filled in 1977. 2944 bottles.

Caol Ila Unpeated Stitchell Reserve
Refill American Oak, rejuvenated American Oak and ex-bodega European Oak. In honour of the long-serving distillery manager Billy Stitchell, due to retire this year.

Cardhu 21 year old
Ex-bourbon American Oak. 6000 bottles.

Convalmore 36 year old
Refill European Oak. 2980 bottles.

Lagavulin 12 year old
Refill American Oak.

Lagavulin 37 year old
Refill American and European Oak. Distilled in 1976. The oldest expression of Lagavulin ever released by the distillers, in a “dramatically limited” edition of just 1868 bottles.

Oban 21 year old
Rejuvenated American Oak and second fill ex-bodega casks.

Port Ellen 34 year old
Refill American Oak and refill European Oak. 2958 bottles.

The Singleton of Dufftown 28 year old
Refill American Oak. 3816 bottles. Distilled in 1985.

Talisker 27 year old
Refill American Oak. Distilled in 1985. 3000 bottles.



Brora 35 1977 £750 49.9 2,944
Caol Ila £70 59.6
Cardhu 21 1991 £160 54.2 6,000
Convalmore 36 1977 £600 58.0 2,980
Lagavulin 12 £80 55.1
Lagavulin 37 1976 £1,950 51.0 1,868
Oban 21 £225 58.5 2,860
Port Ellen 34 1978 £1,500 55.0 2,958
Dufftown 28 1985 £235 52.3 3,816
Talisker 27 1985 £475 56.1 3,000


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Diageo Special Releases 2013 Ruben Luyten 2013-09-03
  • Rogier

    I need oxygen… can’t breathe…

  • Uffe

    finally a lagavullin 1976 for less than £2000…

  • sk

    Not worth it.

    Your sherrynotes initiative is very well timed. Armagmac and sherry time.

  • Bram

    Time for an international Diageo boycot?

  • MARS

    I wonder who’s going to buy these at these prices?
    But if they are quickly sold out, they are right to the point, I scare.

  • Bart

    You might boycot quite a few non-Diageo distilleries as well…

  • Kunya

    Maybe I’ll by Caol Ila..

  • bakerman

    These won’t sell quickly. 2012 special releases are still available in good quantities, and now is another 50% up at least. I believe buyers aiming to complete their Port Ellen or Brora collections will squeeze their wallet, but surely they have become too expensive to drink…

  • Ricardo

    If they’re too expensive to drink then what’s the point?

  • Kian

    I always look forward to the Laga 12 – loved last years, other than that I very rarely take an interest in the rest of what is released.I seem to recall a nice Manachmore a few years back and a Brora in the days before you needed to sell an organ to buy one

  • Brain

    Where can you sell organs to buy whisky? Asking for a friend.



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