Best wishes & Best whiskies of 2018

Best whiskies of 2018

Happy New Year! Here’s a quick overview of the highlights of 2018 before we start a new year of (almost) daily whisky reviews.



Best new whiskies in 2018

I think 2018 was a ‘richer’ year than the past two or three years, in the sense that there were more whiskies which surprised me, with great bottlings coming from more sources.

Speyside 1973 / Speyside 1977 / Vega 40 Years


The undisclosed Speyside whiskies have been in my hotlist since 2016 and there have been a couple of great bottlings this year as well, a 1977 and 1973 from Maltbarn and the Vega whisky from North Star Spirits.

Then there was a list of excellent premium releases (roughly between € 1000 and € 100.000) that I gave a very high score:



Glen Elgin 1997 / Teeling for TWE / Springbank WhiskyNerds

In a more affordable range, there were also three highlights:

When looking from a price / quality perspective, that Glen Elgin 1997 was probably the best whisky you could buy this year.

In fact Gordon & MacPhail deserve a special mention: they have completed a major makeover for most of their ranges and they are now in the lead when it comes to independent bottlings, both in terms of design and sheer quality. Very few bottlers can launch the things they dig up in their warehouses.

Also kudos to the WhiskyNerds for being involved in two of the best whisky releases this year.



Best value whisky in 2018


Best ‘bang for your buck’ in 2018

Typically I only include bottlings here that cost less than € 100:


This whisky blog

… is still going forward, thank you. Just short of 780.000 visitors in 2018 and over 2.6 million page views. Virtually no summer downfall this year and strong numbers in November and December may indicate a great 2019 as well.

Traffic from the Japan (+12%), Taiwan (+11%) and the USA (+10%) is still growing steadily, while virtually all European countries show a downward trend (especially UK, Belgium and Sweden this year).

Traditional markets are disappointed by the current prices and general value for money compared to the old days? What else…