Teeling 24 Years (cask #10668)

Teeling Irish whiskeyMore Irish malt, and another Belgian exclusive (or so we’re told – the label doesn’t really mention it), bottled with the same strategy of different single casks for different countries, just like the Springbank 21 Year Old single casks.

A Teeling 24 Year Old single cask release. After all the glorious 1988 – 1991 expressions that were released by independent bottlers, Teeling is now doing the same with several 24 year-old single casks from 1991.

This is cask #10668 for Belgium. There’s also cask #8474 for The Netherlands, cask #8385 for Ireland, cask #6780 for Switzerland, cask #8390 for The Whisky Fair Rein Ruhr, maybe more? Too bad none of them come with the beautiful box of the 21yo.


Teeling 24 Year Old cask #10668Teeling 24 yo Vintage Reserve (46,9%, OB 2016, single cask #10668, 214 btl.)

Nose: vibrant nose, a perfect example of the Irish fruitiness. Mango, banana and pink grapefruit. Bright fruits first, then more towards guava and blackberries. Red apples and passion fruits. Hints of leather and varnished oak too, as well as some linseed oil.

Mouth: all fruits. Apricots, blood oranges, mango, pink grapefruit. Then some oak spices like cinnamon and ginger, as well as some menthol. Sandalwood. Very creamy and rich, über-fruity but not one-dimensional.

Finish: long, still fruity, lemony, with hints of mocha and oak spices.

Excellent stuff: vibrant, juicy fruits with a perfectly balanced dose of oak spices. Right up my alley. Around € 265.

Score: 91/100